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NDG Security

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Progress Meeting 14/03/08

Review of actions from last meeting

  1. PJK to enter as a separate project – TSP has emphasised the importance of a simple clear summaries of what projects are about
  2. PJK to create a release in the OMII-UK repository. This could consist of the Installation Guide.
  3. TSP assign trial installation to OMII staff member
  4. PJK to check with Bryan Lawrence for definitive answer and check what the status is for IPR
  5. PJK get more information about RAVE and SPAM-GP to assess application to NDG Security
  6. PJK to update installation guide
  7. PJK - move Port services into WSGI framework (#927) into second 6 months of schedule
  8. PJK - contact NGS about MyProxy config with Oracle PAM.
  9. PJK to produce a new baseline of the project schedule to reflect the changes

Review progress on tickets

No results

Other Issues

  • NDG Deployment at Partner sites
  • Gatekeeper
  • Application Led Agenda for e-Science Workshop feedback
  • Securing OGC services and GeoDRM