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Three Monthly Meeting 14/03/08

Review of actions from last meeting

  1. PJK to enter as a separate project – TSP has emphasised the importance of a simple clear summaries of what projects are about. - Done - see:  OMII-UK site
  2. PJK to create a release in the OMII-UK repository. This could consist of the Installation Guide. - Done - see previous link.
  3. TSP assign trial installation to OMII staff member - likely to be Bryan Carpenter Action: 1
  4. PJK to check with Bryan Lawrence for definitive answer and check what the status is for IPR - Bryan and PJK not aware of any IPR issues
  5. PJK get more information about RAVE and SPAM-GP to assess application to NDG Security - Still to do - PJK to contact Richard Sinnott and team about SPAM-GP Action: 2
  6. PJK to update installation guide - updated for OMII-UK release
  7. PJK - move Port services into WSGI framework (#927) into second 6 months of schedule - Done
  8. PJK - contact NGS about MyProxy config with Oracle PAM. - Done - NGS have no experience using Oracle with PAM
  9. PJK to produce a new baseline of the project schedule to reflect the changes - Project now in  TaskJuggler project tool

Review progress on tickets

No results

Feedback on tickets

  • #938 - TSP: there's movement away from Apache Axis to Jaxws and Xfire Action: 3
  • #944 talk to Richard Sinnott and SPAM-GP team about best options for integration of a Shibboleth SP with NDG Security's Python security stack Action: 2

Other Issues

  • NDG Deployment at Partner sites - Action: 4
  • Gatekeeper - Gatekeeper needs refactoring out of current NDG Browse Python Pylons stack
  • Application Led Agenda for e-Science Workshop feedback
  • Securing OGC services and GeoDRM


  • TSP: Role out of security at partner sites is of more interest than new development but they're not mutually exclusive Action: 4
  • TSP: Need more feedback to OMII-UK on what NDG Security is about - the use of the s/w developed, what it's being used for and impact on user community. A future demo linking NDG Security with other OMII-UK projects is desirable
  • PJK: showed presentation of NDG architecture to illustrate use cases and how security is to be utilised Action: 5
  • TSP: suggests prepare article for OMII-UK newsletter Action: 6
  • TSP: future funding is possible but is dependent on present project deliverables

List of Actions

  1. TSP: to confirm OMII-UK staff member for NDG-Security trial installation
  2. PJK: talk to Richard Sinnott and SPAM-GP team about best options for integration of a Shibboleth SP with NDG Security's Python security stack
  3. PJK: review Java toolkits and select best option (suggest contact Bryan Carpenter for advice)
  4. PJK: to prioritise work as follows in readiness for an end of June deadline:
    1. Deployment of security at partner sites
    2. Java Clients to NDG Security
    3. OpenID interoperability
  5. PJK: send TSP copy of NDG presentation
  6. PJK: co-ordinate with Bryan and TSP for OMII-UK article