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NDG Security

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Progress Meeting 27/06/08

  1. Review latest Status Report
  2. Actions from last meeting
  3. Progress on Tickets
  4. PJK visit to OMII-UK
  5. Any Other Issues
  6. Actions

2) Actions from last meeting

  1. TSP: to confirm OMII-UK staff member for NDG-Security trial installation
  2. PJK: talk to Richard Sinnott and SPAM-GP team about best options for integration of a Shibboleth SP with NDG Security's Python security stack
  3. PJK: review Java toolkits and select best option (suggest contact Bryan Carpenter for advice)
  4. PJK: to prioritise work as follows in readiness for an end of June deadline:
    1. Deployment of security at partner sites
    2. Java Clients to NDG Security
    3. OpenID interoperability
  5. PJK: send TSP copy of NDG presentation
  6. PJK: co-ordinate with Bryan and TSP for OMII-UK article

3) Progress on tickets

No results

4) PJK Visit to OMII-UK

Discuss PJK visiting Southampton for a day to:

  1. Present the ‘why’ s of the project to some of the OMII-UK staff.
  2. Spend an hour or two being ‘interviewed’ or helping draft an OMII-UK newsletter article or even a series
  3. Help OMII-UK understand how we could install either server or client components.

5) Any Other Issues

  • Earth System Grid - NDG security interoperability for IPCC AR 5

6) Notes from Meeting

  1. TSP proposes a day (possibly two day) meeting at OMII-UK / NOCS. Two parts to this:
    1. PJK to present:
      • What is an NDG data centre? - numbers of users, what data they host, how is it used and how is it presented.
      • What security is needed - the differing requirements of the different NDG partner data centres
      • Implementation questions: why Python and why develop Java interfaces?
    2. PJK working with OMII-UK staff draft publicity on the OMII-UK NDG Security project: for web page and article for newsletter. Request input from NOCS as e.g. NDG data centre and user.
  2. Possibilities for a demonstration of NDG Security with other OMII-UK software
  3. Extensions:
    • no cost extensions can be arranged e.g. in case where a particular deliverable is close to completion but needs extra time.
    • Short (< 3 month) funded extension may be possible provided there is a clear benefit to OMII-UK. Preparation would need to start now on this in order to get go ahead before project end.
  4. It's OK to get effort from another person with Java client but it's up to the BADC how they fund this.
  5. Regarding #945, OMII-AuthZ is unlikely to be ready for an integration work with NDG Security. The objective of this ticket is to promote cross-over and interaction between OMII-UK and NDG. The discussions PJK has had with Chris Higgins at EDINA re. Shibboleth enabling OGC services fulfill this.
  6. OMII-UK will not host the NDG Security code in their repository. They will provide links to the appropriate NDG code repository.
  7. The next quarterly meeting will be the final one for the project.

7) Actions

  1. TSP to review Project Plan
  2. TSP to check arrangements for post-project support.
  3. PJK review and close off tickets.
  4. PJK to tell TSP his availability for whole day meeting(s) at OMII-UK/NOCS
  5. PJK to introduce TSP to Helen Snaith at NOCS
  6. PJK from now to project completion to prioritize these tasks in this order:
    1. Manage deployments and ensure all are operational: BADC, BODC, NOCS and PML
    2. Complete #938 [S] NDG security Java client for Axis1 and Axis2
      • Nb. #940 [S] WS-Security for ZSI is a dependency on this
    3. #944 [S] NDG Security - Shibboleth interface
    4. #958 [S] Integration of SAML into NDG Security
  7. TSP to allocate installation of NDG Browse + security to OMII-UK staff member who has Python expertise. The objective is for OMII-UK to get experience with Python based projects and to test the Installation Guide instructions.