NDG Security

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OMII-UK NDG Security Status Report 2009/01/06


  1. Integration of NDG Security into the BADC Data Browser the main data access point for the BADC.
    • Andrew Harwood the BADC's site administrator has done further work to integrate the NDG Security single sign on into the My BADC and other sections of the site requiring login
    • deployment on production system due in the next few weeks
    • Authorization components will be phased in gradually replacing the BADC's legacy authorization system.
  2. #927 Port services into WSGI framework:
    • All services are ported now. This gives the capability to chain services together in a single web application container or deploy individually. WSGI components include:
      • Session Manager
      • Attribute Authority
      • OpenID Provider
      • OpenID Relying Party
      • Generic SOAP WSGI
      • WS-Security Signature Handler
      • SSL Client Authentication Handler
  3. #929 Documentation: changes for #927 make the installation process much simpler. The installation guide needs to be revised.
  4. #983 OpenID Provider
    • Implementation completed and tested. Requires rollout and securing with SSL probably using SSL Client Authentication WSGI mention above.
  5. #938 Java Client Interface:
    • Require regeneration of stubs following modifications to WSDLs
  6. #940 WS-Security for ZSI: Still to do - make into an independent package for release to Python community.
  7. #941 MyProxy client: made separate package ready for upload to PyPI (Python's equivalent of CPAN), waiting confirmation about licensing from 3rd parties.
  8. #958 Collaborating with Earth System Grid partners to agree format of messages. Telecon to be scheduled for this month.

Other Relevant

  1. Simon Hettrick has published an article on NDG Security in the OMII-UK newsletter
  2. Final Project meeting date TBD.