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OMII-UK NDG Security Status Report 2008/08/06


  1. #931 OpenID:
    • Closed this ticket as the OpenID Relying Party is complete and working.
    • Opened a new ticket #983 for the OpenID Provider (Identity Provider) implementation. This is needed for collaboration with Earth System Grid for the IPCC AR5. Working prototype but requires integration into the rest of the security code.
  2. #938 Java Client Interface:
    • Calum Byrom the Java developer has got Axis2 WSS4J clients working with the test echo service and with the Attribute Authority. The Session Manager is next.
  3. #940 WS-Security for ZSI: the ElementTree based Signature Handler can now be tested against the Java client
  4. #958 Started work on SAML AttributeAssertion class.