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NDG Security

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OMII-UK NDG Security Status Report 2008/07/16


  1. Completion of Deployments:
    • BADC is updated
    • BODC - the firewall problem has been resolved. It was actually a problem with python SSL clients and Apache mod_rewrite
    • NOCS is updated.
    • PML: updated.
  2. OpenID:
    • We've just done trials with some of the Earth System Grid team in the US. We were able to do a login with an ESG account into NDG. Further work is needed to enable passing of authorisation attributes and NDG itself needs an OpenID provider interface - At the moment we can act as OpenID Relying Party ie. we can accept credentials from OpenID users. We need to add to this the capability for BADC's NDG site to act as an OpenID provider: BADC users would have OpenID accounts to use to login at other sites. This is beyond the scope of what we planned for the OMII-UK work but will be needed for our collaboration with ESG.
  3. Java Client Interface:
    • We've got time for a Jabva developer to help with this. I've made a lot more progress with the integration of ElementTree into the ZSI web service package.