NDG Security

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OMII-UK NDG Security Status Report 2008/05/15


  1. Completion of Deployments:
    • Ticket #963 Standalone Gatekeeper is complete and re-integrated into the NDG Discovery / Browse web application. A new release is being prepared for deployment at BODC and updates to PML and NOCS NDG partners.
  2. OpenID:
    • A prototype has been implemented based on the Python OpenID libraries and Pylons application framework with Authkit. Tested with Yahoo and MyOpenID identity providers. This code will be integrated into the security code stack as a next step.
  3. Java Client Interface:
    • Deployments and OpenID interface have been prioritized over this task. Integration work has started with the new ElementTree Canonicalization code. This is awaiting fixes from Fred Lundh.


  • I attended the 2nd e-Science Security workshop - 'Usability and Interoperability in AuthN/AuthZ' at Oxford e-Research Centre last week.
  • Earth System Grid - NDG security interoperability: we are in contact with the ESG team in the US to develop a solution to make secure access possible between the two.