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OMII-UK NDG Security Status Report 2008/02/14

01: Documentation

02: Port services into WSGI framework

Recently experimented with paster using the pylons_minimal template. This should provide a good basis for security services however it's not clear whether it would support a handler based mechanism needed for WS-Security.

03: Use MyProxy as a Simple CA (#928)

NDG Security is now deployed at BADC, BODC, PML and NOCS. Single sign on has been tested across sites but work remains to be done to integrate NDG role allocation and access control with existing site infrastructures.

  • Oracle PAM plugin: contacted NGS for


  • NDG Security is entered as a separate  project on the OMII-UK site.
  • A 3 month drop of the software was made on the site

Project Management

The project is now entered into Trac tickets and the  TaskJuggler Project Management tool.