NDG Security

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OMII-UK NDG Security Status Report 2008/02/14


  • The  Computational Viewpoint architecture document is complete.
  • Oracle - MyProxy interface for BODC has proved more difficult than expected with coding required to adapt an Open Source Oracle PAM (Pluggable Authentication Module) library.
  • Fred Lundh developer of the Python ElementTree XML package has been writing a Canonicalizer for it as part of the NERC Portals project. Testing for this has diverted effort from other tasks.
  • Discussion with UK-Federation Shibboleth ocntacts here have established more clearly possibilities for Shibboleth - NDG Security interface.

Tasks Due

01: Documentation

02: Port services into WSGI framework

03: Use MyProxy as a Simple CA

04: Integration of SAML into NDG Security

NDG Security - OpenId interface


Brought forward in the schedule activities on these task to enable validation of Fredrik Lundh's ElementTree Canonicalization code:

06: NDG security Java client for Axis1 and Axis2 08: WS-Security for ZSI

Brought forward through discussions with STFC Shibboleth contacts and activity on #958:

NDG Security - Shibboleth interface


  • NDG Security is entered as a separate  project on the OMII-UK site.
  • A 3 month drop of the software was made on the site

Project Management

The project is now entered into Trac tickets and the  TaskJuggler Project Management tool with a new baseline to reflect changes discussed in the 3 monthly meeting.