Client Package

Python package which can

  • Invoke the NDG security service to establish an NDG session
  • Download a remote CSML document described by a specific URI.
  • Invoke the NDG delivery service to move multiple files described in a CSML document to a user defined directory.
  • Invoke the NDG-DX to subset a dataset described by a CSML document to produce a single feature instance stored in CF compliant NetCDF and create a CSML document that describes this new feature instance.
  • Invoke the NDG delivery service to move feature instances from one location to another.
  • Instantiate the features described by a local CSML document as python objects
  • Invoke GEOSPLAT and carry out simple manipulation of feature instances whether locally or remotely.
  • Aggregate feature instances into new datasets.
  • Write feature instances to CF-compliant NetCDF storage.
  • Write CSML documents describing collections of feature instances in local CF-compliant NetCDF storage.

Documentation for all the above.

Note that it would be desirable to have this functionality in IDL, Matlab and Java too, but this is unlikely to be feasible with NDG2 funding.