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Working Grid


The NDG working grid, with dataset population and deployed NDG services at all partners. As much data is as a practicable will be available via NDG at each provider (it is recognised that major effort is required to populate NDG metadata, and it will not be possible for all datasets to be NDG-enabled within the NDG2 timeframe).

Product purpose

To improve discovery, interpretation, and usage of data across discipline boundaries.

Product components

  1. Deployed central services
  2. Roles defined and role mappings deployed at all partners.
  3. Firewall problems resolved at all partners.
  4. Data provider services deployed at all partners
  5. Data and metadata populating the NDG information infrastructure at all partners for as much data is as practicable.
  6. Security services deployed and operational at all partners - see WGSecurity subcomponent

Key Integration Milestones

  1. Implementation One: install databases, and populate metadata instances (January 31, 2006) including OAI.
  2. Feedback One: (Feb 2006)
  3. Implementation Two: pseudo-grid (May, 2006)
  4. Feedback Two
  5. NDG Alpha (June 2006): Running grid (many missing services, but discovery and security must be running)
  6. Implementation Three: August 2006
  7. Feedback Three
  8. Implementation Four: as much as possible (September 2006)
  9. Feedback Four
  10. Data Checkpoint (how much data is installed, what’s stopping more data?)
  11. NDG Beta (January 2007): Running grid (all services present)

Integration Dependencies

  1. Attribute Authority (Security)
  2. Session Manager (Security)
  3. DX-Web Service Interface (DX)
  4. Delivery Service (Delivery)
  5. CSML Wrapper Software (to read CSML and create NetCDF)
  6. CSML Parser
  7. Geosplat Web Service Interface (Geosplat)