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UK Collaboration

The main UK collaborations are those with

  • The Met Office
  • Other NERC Institutes

The main method of liaising within the NERC community is the NERC Liaison Committee which met for the first time on the 4th of July at RAL. No formal notes of the meeting were created but the following actions arose:

Definition of success for NDG:

  • Ned: number of users.
  • Dawn: enthusiasm and involvement of data providers.

BAS data management & relationship with NDG.

  • Three divisions, each with own data management: physical (oceanography, glaciology); biological; geological.
  • Cross-divisional system: Helen.
  • ... interest thus far from biology and cross-divisional ...

Significant issue: longer term support, and no support for folk now joining.

Feedback: people want to know what data has been harvested: need a service which identifies the harvestees ...