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International Collaboration

Feature Type Workshop

March 7-9, 2007, Abingdon.

Attendees: Dominic Lowe, Bryan Lawrence (BADC, UK), Andrew Woolf (CCLRC, UK), Jeremy Tandy (Met Office, UK), Simon Cox (CSIRO, Australia), Ben Dominico, Ethan Davis, John Caron (Unidata, US), Stefano Nativi (Uni of Florence, Italy).

Day One

Initial presentations

  • Andrew's ppt Download (Meeting aims, introduction to CSML
  • John's ppt Download (Introduction to unidate CDM, Thredds, NCML etc)
  • Stefano's ppt Download (Philosophy, intro to NCML-Gml)
  • Jeremy's Words (still to be attached)
  • Simon's ppt Download (Introduction to O&M and Sampling Features) See also the pre-meeting Sampling Features draft Download


  • General Issues

Day1 Flipchart Page1

  • Issues to consider with sampling features

Day1 Flipchart Page2 Day1 Flipchart Page3

Day Two

Precis of the relationship between CSML and CDM for a profileSeries case:

Modified version of the relationship between CSML and CDM profileseries to make CSML collections clearer

Some comments on ranges and coverages:

Some comments on discrete coverages (flipchart)

Modified Sampling Features as at the end of day2. NB, much work to be done on fleshing out our domain specialisations!

In progress class structure for Sampling Features view of key scientific datatypes

Dom's  CSML tooling presentation