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The Climate Science Modelling Language provides the data virtualisation mechanism in NDG. It enables data to be described, accessed and manipulated within an ISO standards compliant framework, enabling interoperability within NDG partners and potentially more widely.

The key subcomponents are:

  • Feature Type Definitions: A set of UML conceptual models ('feature types') for a range of atmospheric and oceanographic data types relevant to key NDG Data Providers, based on the framework and components provided by ISO standards for geospatial information modelling.
  • CSML itself (an application schema of GML), built around these feature types providing a standards-based reference encoding for NDG datasets.
  • CSML Tools:
    • A CSML 'scanner' to facilitate the production of CSML markup for some existing data file formats.
    • A CSML 'parser' to demarshall a CSML document into corresponding object instances
  • CSML Services including:
    • A wrapper mechanism for exposing NDG data as CSML datasets.
    • A wrapper mechanism for exploiting internal and external vocabularies.
  • CSML reference guide providing description and use guidelines for CSML.
  • CSML Development in an international context: collaborative work with MOTIIVE, INSPIRE, the IOC, and the WMO on application schema for MetOcean data.