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T01 Discovery

The NDG discovery portal provides a web portal accessible by standards compliant browsers that allows a user to freely discover datasets held by data providers who have offered up appropriately formatted discovery metadata for harvest by the discovery portal backend. Where NDG compliant data providers hold datasets, the portal will provide information about NDG services available for those services, and provide links to instantiate these services.

The key subcomponents are:

  • Software for discovery portal deployment (available to third parties to deploy) Database backend Public Web Service Interface (code) Web based GUI interface
  • Deployed discovery service (running at NDG) Scripts to automate harvesting OAI repository Running web services and portal GUI.
  1. Revised Database Package (April 2006) (This database package also part of data provider package for storing all A,B and D docs). – needed?
  2. Revised Web Service Interface Package (April 2006). To support geographical queries and xqueries and respect NDG security. – will this be April?
  3. Revised GUI (May 2006). Improved geographical information and flag secure datasets, advanced search services for simulation data. – need some Numsim first
  4. Redeployed discovery service using new tools, and supporting the zserver (June 2006). – zserver support by March 31st for NMG). OAI automation required by then.
  5. NDG Alpha (Jul 2006, nothing beyond the above).
  6. Transition discovery archive to ISO19115 (September 2006).
  7. NDG Beta (January 2007): No new functionality, simply using ISO19115 in the back end. Complete documentation of discovery service.
  8. NDG Final. All scripts automated.