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    199199Passwords can be found in the Secrets box. 
     201=== Discovery NDG URL redirection service === 
     203The NDG redirection service redirects links to the original URL, once the original URL has been replaced during discovery ingestion with the relevant details.  Before the required link is redirected details on the link and associated dataset are recorded within a logging database as well as a counter incremented in the original database for the relevant dataset. 
     205A converted redirected URL looks like this: 
     209and redirects the link to the original specified url at .  Dataset title and unique id are also encoded so as to allow easy dissemination of which datasets produce the most traffic. 
     211The NDG redirection service endpoint is: and requires the addition of 3 parameters to allow parsing and update of the database: 
     213url, docID & docTitle.  These need to be encoded using UTF-8 so they can be parsed correctly by the service. 
     215The service is available as [ egg] which can be run within a paster buildouts session (you will need to unpack service.ini as well as config files for both the url tracking database and the main discovery database - not in the egg - contact  Dependancies etc as required are detailed in the configs below 
     217Buildout script to run paster on 8081: 
     221Run as mod_wsgi script with buildout 
    201227=== COWS === 
    202228There is a virtualenv based python under /usr/local/cows_virtualenv