Or more precisely, data and information access software ...

Three Main Components

  • NDGutils: standalone python egg with useful metadata and xml handling tools, including xqueries.
  • COWS: CEDA OGC Web Services, server stack.
    • Note dependency on CSML, and possible involvement of components to C-SEKT project to produce a WFS
  • MILK: Metadata, Information, Leads to Knowledge client stack for the COWS.

These components come out splitting the existing monolithic software stack into standalone software components.

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Current Tickets


[DS][M] Exposing vars to user via CSML and CDML - name plus cell_methods plus coordinate?
[D] WCS 1.0.0+
Support for reprojections in COWS stack (WMS)
Improve configuration of COWS
Create CEDA tests for OWSLib
Review and scope out MIDAS WFS work
Automatic Generation of KML from CSML WMS
Client (and visualisation) stack needs to be standalone
WCS support for rotated grids
Make WMS interface pluggable through egg entrypoints
COWS test suite
Cowsclient - legends still visible even when not top layer
COWS -threads/processes etc
COWS Visualisation needs a logout button
COWS Visualisation browser compatibility and login
COWS paster template is broken


[m] browse should link to the parameter definitions from the vocab server
[M] Tooltips in Discovery
[M] Browse not consistent in displaying Data Curator URI
[M] Pick up logo info for Browse from correct place
[WG] Need to consider a retrieve function for the granule part of a ndg-b record
[WG][M] Number of bounding boxes reported is wrong in browse
Caching in discovery/browse is too permanent
[D] Browse display shows the browse link itself
Build standalone python WCS client
Scope NDG COWS service deliverables
Deploy WMS background map for MILK


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