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    44To discuss the refactoring out of the MILK codebase. 
     6==== MILK ==== 
     8V1.0 Will consist of 
     9 * (D) discovery client (to the discovery service), 
     10 * (B) browse client to 
     11   * MOLES V1.3 (deprecated) 
     12   * MOLES V2 (recommended) 
     13 * (M) management client to 
     14   * MOLES v2 (allowing editing, creation, publishing etc) 
     15 * (X) xml access to 
     16   * MOLES V1.3 content  
     17   * MOLES V2 content 
     18   * atom feeds from MOLES V2 
     19   * an atom feed of Discovery documents (currently DIF, moving to ISO) 
     21where the underlying xml content is held in an eXist database. 
     23Any deployment of MILK will allow any of the top level (D,B,M,X) to be turned off in the configuration. 
     25Normal deployment might include one of the following: 
     26 * a standalone discovery client (e.g. the NERC data discovery portal) 
     27 * a complete metadata portal (e.g. for CEDA) would have 
     28   * an eXist database visible only inside a firewall 
     29   * a MILK instance with D,B,X outside the firewall 
     30   * another MILK instance with D,B,X,M inside the firewall  
     31 * a complete metadata portal (e.g. for BODC or PML) might have 
     32   * an eXist database visible only inside the firewall 
     33   * a MILK instance with B,X and maybe D outside the firewall 
     34   * another method of creating MOLES content and loading it into the eXist database and managing it. 
     37It is desirable that WMS and WCS clients being developed as part of NDG3 also be integrated, but that's 
     38being parked as an issue, pending formulation of an appropriate hand over format (once called a 
     39shopping cart format, now called a Web Map Context document). 
    745Software: Meetings ([wiki:ServerMtg081001 081001],[wiki:ServerMtg081020 081020],[wiki:ServerMtg081031 081031],[wiki:ServerMtg081119 081119])