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Revised timings as the previous sums were wrong (it added to 94 not 81 days). I believe the timings are still realistic in the light of a better understanding of the task and some work that has already been done.


1. COWS engineering. 5 days

Put the WCS codebase into the COWS codebase. Tidy up the code interfaces to allow cleaner addition of drawing backends and WXS service implementations.

5 days: Dom in Nov/Dec?.

2. CSML data server (COWS). 23 days

A web server exposing CSML GridSeries features over WMS and WCS.

Starts Jan 2009

  1. Design how WMS requests relate to WCS requests how they are stored in WMContext. (2 days, Stephen)
  2. Configurable Feature naming. Improve HiGEM data labels. 7 days (Dom)
  3. Implement integrated server. 6 days, Stephen. 6 days Dom.
  4. test the server with a selected dataset. 2 days (Dom)

3. CSML web-application. 16 days

A Web-app that presents the CSML data server services. It would be desirable for this activity to be complete before the Scientific Data Services Workshop.

  1. Decouple the current visualisation code from the NDG portal codebase (some of this task has already been tackled by Callum). 5 days, Stephen. 5 days, Dom. Stephen will tackle Javascript side, Dom the Python side.
  2. Add a simple download button to download currently visible data. 2 days, Dom.
  3. Test with selected dataset. 2 days Stephen or Dom.
  4. Documentation. 2 days, Stephen or Dom.

4. Integrate the CSML web-application into the NDG portal. 13 days

Integrate the COWS component into the NDG portal codebase.

  1. Populate RelatedURLs for selected datasets. 2 days, Stephen or Dom.
  2. Deploy test service, testing. 5 days, Stephen or Dom, with Steve's involvement.
  3. Upgrade NDG portal. 6 days, Stephen or Dom with Steve's involvement

5. Feature Upgrade. 18 days

Add to the CSML web-application:

  1. NDG Security. 4 days, Stephen, with Phil's involvement
  2. Automatic KML generation. 3 days, Dom or Stephen.
  3. Extended Download functionality (selecting range of time/level). 2 days, Stephen or Dom.
  4. Cell method labelling of Features (NOTE: more tightly defining the scope of this task could mean we could reduce it's length). 10 days, Dom.

6. Publicity and futures. 6 days

  1. Present MIDAS WFS work to Met Office and explore extending to a production service. Design implementation of grid reprojection and multiple CRS support in the web-application. 3 days, Stephen.
  2. Document COWS framework on Wiki, publicise. 3 days, Stephen.

Total days NDG3: 81 days

7. Possibly out-of-scope for NDG3

  • Publication plot support
  • WCS Rotated Grid Support
  • CSML full cell method support
  • COWS WFS integration with web app