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Overall Package and Architecture

The current and planned architecture is outlined in the following UML component diagram. The key components include: securityServices – the package of software and services we expect to deployed at major data providers. In the case of DEWS we expect this package to be deployed in the DMZ at the Met Office, and in the case of NDG2, at all the official project partners. securityClients – the package of software that needs to be deployed to exploit the NDG security infrastructure. In the case of DEWS we expect this to be deployed at ESSC. NDG2 partners will also be deploying this software, and we might expect some other groups to deploy it as well. Key criteria for this package include ease of deployment and quality documentation (for application developers). Note that the login service is most likely deployed as part of the securityServices, but architecturally it need only exploit the smClient software, so it is included in this package for simplicity. clients – will interact with applications which deploy NDG security. In DEWS the two clients of interest are browser users and the BMT. In the NDG, the clients will include command line applications (a la BMT) and browser users.

source:TI12-security/trunk/NDGSecurity/architecture/uml/Component Model.JPG

Users interact with the services, initially via a loginManager: