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Security Software Issues

  1. We currently make heavy use of ServiceProxy?, but we think ServiceProxy? is not in a useable state in general though. ( e.g.).
  2. PyGlobus? Issues
    1. Client Issues. Even the java version of the globus clients seems to be difficult to configure in a light weight manner: See this  thread.
    2.  Future of WSRF issues.
  3. WS-Security and WSDL. It's not trivial to get this working. We will need to understand WS-policy.
  4. ZSI Performance.
    1. See the  thread in ZSI mailing list entitled “ZSI performance” kicked off by Joshua on the 31st March, 2006.
    2. “Moreover - if I understand your figures right, the ZSI client is quite efficient whereas the server is relatively slow.” ( link) “So it would seem serialization is taking much longer than parsing.”, Joshua
    3. Any big payload should probably go as an attachment, can ZSI do that?
    4. Lots of talk about using celementtree, but no one has done it?


  1. Need a Java Interface to the smClient library
  2. Migrate internal web service communication to WS-Security
    1. but note that WSDL and WS-Security imply the necessity for  WS-PolicyAttachment. ( for example)
    2. Could we use pyGlobus?
      1. Huge list of dependencies?
      2. What about the issue below about client dependencies?
      3. But maybe we'd get ibm-websphere integration for free.
  3. Need to package things better for simpler installation