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Issues for DEWS and NDG.

  1. Need a Java Interface to the smClient library
  2. Migrate internal web service communication to WS-Security
    1. but note that WSDL and WS-Security imply the necessity for  WS-PolicyAttachment. ( for example)
    2. Could we use pyGlobus?
      1. Huge list of dependencies?
      2. What about the issue below about client dependencies?
      3. But maybe we'd get ibm-websphere integration for free.
  3. Need to package things better for simpler installation
    1. Note that the securityClient package which should be used by application developers has to have the minimal set of dependencies we can possibly get away with!  This thread is enough to put anyone off using the GT4 toolkit (and by extension, pyGlobus).

Product Packaging

The key components are depicted in the attached figure:

No image "Component Model.JPG" attached to Security0607

There is a clear delineation between the services which are needed for the security infrastructure, and the services needed for application services. The former include:

No image "securityServices.JPG" attached to Security0607

We can see that application services deploy NDG security by exploiting the smClient library:

No image "GeneralServices.JPG" attached to Security0607

Users interact with the services, initially via a loginManager:

No image "clients.JPG" attached to Security0607