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NDG Software Packaging

NDG intends to provide a large number of software packages, each of which will be individually installable (although there will be between package dependencies).

  • How do we intend to allow people to deal with pick-n-mix dependencies? (As opposed to external package dependencies)>

Between package dependencies will be simplified for three main bundles of software:

The NDG-Discovery Bundle

Intended only for deployment of the NDG discovery web service and a gateway.

  • discoveryWebService
  • packages: ndg.utils ndg.discovery

Full Data Provider Server Bundle

  • securityServer
  • securityApplicationClient
  • csml
  • bbftp server and client
  • browse
  • dxServer and Client
  • geosplat server and client
  • loggingWebService
  • util
  • existWebService
  • packages: ndg.utils ndg.csml ndg.browse ndg.dx ndg.geosplat ndg.cdat-lite
    • with client and server sub packages where appropriate, and vcs and cdms sub packages under cdat lite ...
  • NDG-Lite Bundle for application developers and scripters
    • securityApplicationClient
    • bbftp
    • commandLine dx
    • csml
    • packages: ndg.utils ndg.csml ndg.dx.client ndg.geosplat.client ndg.cdat-lite