NDG Software Packaging

NDG intends to provide a large number of python software packages, each of which will be individually installable (although there will be between package dependencies).

  • How do we intend to allow people to deal with pick-n-mix dependencies? (As opposed to external package dependencies) (see ticket:494)

Between package dependencies will be simplified for three main bundles of software:

The NDG-Discovery Bundle

Intended only for deployment of the NDG discovery web service and a gateway.

  • discoveryWebService
  • packages: ndg.utils ndg.discovery ndg.browse

Full Data Provider Server Bundle

This is intended to be deployed by the NDG participants primarily, and we wont feel obligated to make it completely trivial to install.

  • securityServer
  • securityApplicationClient
  • csml
  • bbftp server and client
  • browse
  • dxServer and Client
  • geosplat server and client
  • loggingWebService
  • util
  • existWebService
  • packages: ndg.utils ndg.csml ndg.browse ndg.dx ndg.geosplat ndg.cdat-lite
    • with client and server sub packages where appropriate, and vcs and cdms sub packages under cdat lite ...

NDG-Lite Bundle for application developers and scripters

This package is intended to be deployable by individuals or research groups and needs to be very easy to deploy.

  • securityApplicationClient
  • bbftp
  • commandLine dx
  • csml
  • packages: ndg.utils ndg.csml ndg.dx.client ndg.geosplat.client ndg.cdat-lite