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Complete NDG Use Case for PML

What PML wants from NDG2

  • Increase discovery and usage of RSDAS data, logged per user.
  • Allow visualisation and analysis of RSDAS data using generic tools.
  • Expand NDG-enabled datasets to include long time-series and near-real time data.

Data provider procedure - PML perspective

Describe dataset metadata

  • Decide on scope of each discoverable dataset.
  • Assume we are generating MOLES first then CSML... (discuss).
  • Decide on granularity of DataGranule? objects, ie how many CSML per MOLE record?
  • Write/adapt software and PostgreSQL DB for automating production of MOLES for new datasets.
  • Ensure all related metadata are represented, e.g. sensors, units, vocabulary keywords, activities, etc.
  • Populate MOLES records for new datasets.
  • Automatically/dynamically generate DIF records.
  • Harvest DIF records, test DIF/MOLES accuracy and iterate.

Describe dataset data

  • Write CSML scanner/templates for new datasets.
  • Consider original data formats, ideally can be converted to suitable format on-the-fly, e.g. netCDF.
  • Generate CSML records dynamically from database.
  • Test CSML accuracy using NDG portal data browser.

MOLES CSML Security and logging Data formats/conversion Data delivery Visualisation