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     1Following the NDG Data Services meeting 2007-04-27 the following strategy 
     2has been agreed: 
     5We are focusing on deploying a generic CSML-driven WMS service on at least 2 data providers.  This will allow us to demonstrate overlaying two datasets (via OpenLayers) from different sources.  This is '''Low Hanging Fruit'''.  Target: End of May. 
     7== Stage 1 == 
     8Target: May 11th (contingency May 18th -- to scheduled meeting) 
     10 1. Stephen will design 
     11   1. a OGC Common package modelling the key concepts from "OWS Common Specification" OGC 05-008.  This is largely a mechanical exercise of extracting the info. from OGC 05-008. 
     12   1. a OGC Application Framework package modelling OGC service instances.  This will map OWS concepts onto python technologies e.g. WSGI, Paste, Kid. 
     13  Starting with UML then producing documented Python stub classes and finally an implementation. 
     14 1. Dom will  
     15   1. get up to speed on python technologies WSGI, Paste, Kid. 
     16   1. work out how CSML document concepts map onto the WMS request/response model and how this would relate to actual files, URIs and WSGI apps.  How would this be configured?  Start using the OGC Common interfaces to turn this into code ASAP. 
     17 1. Throughout Dom and Stephen will "checkpoint" their progress with each other as much as possible. 
     19== Stage 2 == 
     20Target: May 13st 
     22 1. Stephen will refactor the DDC WMS to use the OWS Common interface. 
     23 1. Dom will concentrate on connecting CSML data to the OWS Common interface. 
     24 1. Hopefully we will meet somewhere in the middle. 
     25 1. Stephen work out what further information from CSML documents will be needed to drive the client.  OwsNotes/DataServicesProposal suggests this information could be served as a WFS but expediency may require us to put together a lighter weight RESTful interface to what we need. 
     26 1. Adapt the DDC Visualisation client to use the CSML-WMS service. 
     28== Stage 3 == 
     29Target: Not Set 
     31Build on the OWS Common package a WPS component with pluggable 
     32operations.  We now have an infrastructure for building WPS's for 
     33visualisiation and data delivery.  Who does what at this point isn't 
     34decided yet.