WARNING: This page documents an old version of CEDA's OWS framework. Please see CowsFramework for the latest developments


The OWS framework is a working title for a  Python software framework being developed at the  BADC for implementing Open Geospatial Consortium web service standards.

The framework aims facilitate the implementation of the latest WMS, WPS and WCS specifications on top of a single metadata and data model.

  1. All services generate OWS Common 1.1.0 compliant GetCapabilities metadata internally. This is then serialised to service-specific GetCapabilities XML by the framework.
  2. The data model is CSML for feature manipulation and  cdat_lite for fine-grained array manipulation.


The OWS framework is becoming the COWS Framework (CEDA OGC WebServices).

The code has been changing under the TI05-delivery/ows_framework/branches/ows_framework-refactor branch (See sub-page below). The ows_common portion of this branch is has moved to cows/trunk and there is a new egg available at

See BuiltoutWalkthrough for an example of how you can deploy a COWS service using  zc.buildout.