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Software Development Projects Involving OGC-compliant Services


We, the climate and met scientific community (in the UK) are developing a number of software tools that will seek to expose our geospatial datasets in a manner compliant with the OGC Web Service (OWS) specifications:

  1. WCS – Web Coverage Service (
  2. WFS – Web Feature Service (
  3. WMS – Web Map Service (

We are also developing web-client applications that provide a simple user-interface:

  1. Web-clients – that can talk to OWSs

It is also worth mentioning other significant code-bases that exist:

  1. Input/Output? back-ends/APIs – often potentially running behind an OWS, or talking to it.


The purpose of this page is to expose the software that we are building. There are three main aims that we hope to achieve:

  1. Collaborative Code Development (big savings!)
  2. Interoperability of Interfaces
  3. Identification of “holes” in the OGC specs that need to be filled to ensure they are fit for our purpose.

This page does not present a Road Map because there are different drivers and requirements for different collaborators.

Organisations Involved

The collaborations that we hope will come out of this process should include the BADC, NDG, ESSC (and possibly, the Met Office). Anyone else reading this is welcome to get in contact (mail: a.stephens AT ).

Kick-off Meeting: 01/11/06

Notes from the Kick-off meeting that started these activities are provided in rough form at OWSSoftwareCollaborations/KickOffMeeting – APPENDED TO THIS DOC FOR NOW

Existing Code Bases

The following table outlines the existing developments that we are aware of, have used, tried, and are actively developing. There is a column marking whether each product already does, or could potentially, expose an OWS implementation, OWS client or useful I/O layer.

Who? What? Status? WCS? WFS? WMS? Web-client? I/O-Layer? Language? Comment.

GML Application Schemas: CSML (1.0/2.0), O&M, MO App Schemas.

WMS: GeoServer?, Ag’s hack (CDMS/VCS),


WFS: GADS-GeoServer?-WCS,









Working Together?

The following pages detail overlap where we intend to start converging our code development:

How to Co-develop?

One key issue in co-developing is what strategy we adopt. Some of the key issues are:

  • common code repositories - could consider sourceforge or googlecode (
  • common wiki and documentation
  • merging
  • planning
  • co-ordinating tasks
  • software to do these (e.g. CVS, SVN)

Frameworks To Consider

Bryan has written some useful notes on WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) [REF], a python framework for standardising how web-based interactions should take place. It includes use server/client request/response, session management, threading etc etc*