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    3737Notes from the Kick-off meeting that started these activities are provided in rough form at [wiki:OWSSoftwareCollaborations/KickOffMeeting] – APPENDED TO THIS DOC FOR NOW 
    39 Existing Code Bases 
     39== Existing Code Bases == 
    4141The following table outlines the existing developments that we are aware of, have used, tried, and are actively developing. There is a column marking whether each product already does, or could potentially, expose an OWS implementation, OWS client or useful I/O layer. 
    4344Who? What? Status? WCS? WFS? WMS? Web-client? I/O-Layer? Language? Comment. 
    4446GML Application Schemas: CSML (1.0/2.0), O&M, MO App Schemas. 
    4548WMS: GeoServer, Ag’s hack (CDMS/VCS), 
    4650WCS: NDG-WCS, GADS-WCS/GeoServer,  
    4752WFS: GADS-GeoServer-WCS,  
    50 LAS 
    5258ESSC ncWMS 
    58 1. DX and GS clients: Ag intro 
    59 2. ReSC GoogleMaps/OpenLayers map portal: currently ad-hoc, moving to OpenLayers. Making back-end a WMS then front end could talk to any WMS. Plan to distribute back-end to other people, via NetCDF. 
    60 BL: How will it differ from THREDDS? 
    61 AW: THREDDS is only WCS, not WMS. 
    62 JB: Keep simple and no security etc. OpenLayers is WCS and WFS aware. 
    63 AW: WFS client is normally not aware of more than one feature. Maybe it is aware of only SimpleFeaturesProfile – doing point, line, polygon only. 
    64 1. GeoServer [General chat includes WCS and WFS and WMS] – heavily set up around 2D. Source is a set of features. Can render features into a map (uses simple profile?) – based on rendering features on the land surface. But GeoServer is now being re-engineered to support 4D data (relevant to WCS) and to support NetCDF inputs. Support WMS 1.1.1. 
    65 GeoServer issues: 
    66 JT: GeoServer doesn’t currently connect the Feature and Coverage support. When they re-factor they’ll put it all into supporting the general feature model. And once GeoTools has been re-factored to support the (4D) General Feature Model it should provide a harmonized view.  
    67 JB: You can plug in your own modular WCS or other into the GeoServer framework. 
    68 AW: Neil will be working on getting CSML into GeoServer. Should we plug in like JB (DEWS) or go for strategic route in core of GeoServer (or will it not be ready in time). NB has about 6 months to work on this. 
    69 Branches that we know of are: 
    70 •       WCS branch 
    71 •       Complex Feature branch (Rob Atkinson) – hacky and will die when re-factoring of GFM 
    72 •       Trunk will be re-factored but probably unlikely to be ready within next year 
     70== Working Together? == 
     72The following pages detail overlap where we intend to start converging our code development: 
     74 * [wiki:COWSSoftwareCollaborations/ncWMS Co-development of ESSC's ncWMS] 
    75 2. MapServer: Faster than GeoServer (C-based not Java), doesn’t try and be clever about Feature Model. Just creates pictures. Can compile with NetCDF libs. Slow to generate maps when high-res (GDAL issue). Hence JB developed alternative. DARC have used MapServer in their Visualisation Observatory?? GDAL is 2D limited.  
    76 3. ESSC Java-NetCDF-WMS (NcWMS): began as python on top of cdat and apache etc. Now Java NetCDF libraries worth using (instead of GADS). Hence merged to a python implementation with: 
    77 •       python to talk to CDMS 
    78 •       jython to talk to Java Web Application  
    79 I.e. one set of code with two different back-ends. 
    80 4. TPAC are implementing a WMS layer over LAS (new Java version). 
    82 1. TPAC/NDG-WCS: 1.0 compliant, began as WCS wrapper over OpenDAP. Now works on CSML GridSeries Features and can serve NetCDF as well. 
    83 2. EESC GADS-WCS (for DEWS): Building into GeoServer, but using GADS libraries. 1.0 compliant. Would like to get to 1.1. Asynchronous delivery is added (from WPS spec). Integrating with NDG/DEWS Security. Talking HTTP rather than SOAP. 
    84 3. DX server: Ag talked about interface issues (SOAP, WSDL etc). 
    85 AW: Very few people have dealt with WCS in other stuff than 2D-gridded data. In theory we could use either WCS or WFS for CSML. 
    87 2. GeoServer at the MO: Simple GML Apps supporting only. Will be using it for DEWS – but might need to simplify DEWS feature model.  
     77== How to Co-develop? == 
     80One key issue in co-developing is what strategy we adopt. Some of the key issues are: 
     81 * common code repositories 
     82 * common wiki and documentation 
     83 * merging 
     84 * planning 
     85 * co-ordinating tasks 
     86 * software to do these (e.g. CVS, SVN) 
    91 Working Together? 
    93 The following pages detail overlap where we intend to start converging our code development. 
    97 How to Co-develop? 
    99 One key issue in co-developing is what strategy we adopt. Some of the key issues are: 
    100 -       common code repositories 
    101 -       common wiki and documentation 
    102 -       merging 
    103 -       planning 
    104 -       co-ordinating tasks 
    105 -       software to do these (e.g. CVS, SVN) 
    107 Frameworks To Consider 
     88== Frameworks To Consider == 
    10990Bryan has written some useful notes on WSGI (Web Server Gateway Interface) [REF], a python framework for standardising how web-based interactions should take place. It includes use server/client request/response, session management, threading etc etc***