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    11= Numerical Simulation Discovery Metadata (aka !NumSim) = 
     3''Please note this page is changing rapidly as of early March, as we migrate the old tasks into trac'' 
    35The [wiki:DIF] describes datasets at the discovery level, but where simulations are involved, discovery metadata needs more information than is available in the existing schema. 
    2931=== Planned Changes === 
    31 Planned changes are either: 
    32  * Definite (we will definitely do this) 
    33  * Maybe (it's something that seems sensible) 
    34  * Probable (it's something we think we should do) 
    35  * Discussion (it's something to think about, in practice these items if decided should pop to a later version) 
     33Tasks for milestone releases are listed below by milestone. However, note that not all the tickets listed below will definitely be done, you should look at the ticket status to be sure of what we currently are confirmed to do for each milestone. 
    37 ==== V007 ==== 
     35==== [milestone:NumSimV007] ==== 
    39 '''V007-01''' ... under active development (Jan/Feb 2006) 
    41  * (Definite) We need to change the external references to be more standards compliant (there must be a standard way to do this). (see also response 2.8) 
    42    * (Maybe) Need to make sure we can traverse between references in discovery easily 
    4339 * (Maybe) There is clearly scope to increase the complexity of the related model element to include both a controlled vocab for the relationship and a description. Where we know a model is a child of a parent we could inherit the component characteristics except where they differ. Maybe that's an Earley Suite issue, not an issue for this ... 
    4440   * (Discussion) but I don't feel happy with AnyURI either, we should probably wrap it in an element which has the date the URI was last known to be valid ... so we can manually check them from time to time.  
    4541 * (Probable) Need a script for XML to XHTML and a stylesheet. 
    47 '''V007-x''' 
     43==== NumSim related tasks against other NDG major milestones ==== 
    4948 * (Maybe) Do we want sequences or any in most of the complex groups? (Does order matter?) Make life easy for editors.