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V005 to V006

  • (Definite) We will give the elements prefixes to conform with standard  ISO19100 series. If there are a body of V005 documents we'll provide a script to convert from V005, so let us know if you make any V005 docs ... and would want us to build this.
    • Done: NS_...
  • (Definite) Need to resolve the roles of configuration and type for the parent model element (e.g. for HADCM3 run, configuration is GCM, but we want to say coupled atmos ocean too).
    • We don't need to do that, because a coupled ocean atmos model is findable by looking for models with both atmos and ocean as components ...
    • (Maybe) In terms of how one uses the name and type of model components it may be better to make the type an attribute of the model rather than a subelement. Often these may actually be the same ... but that's desirable redundancy since sometimes they might not be.
      • Not done in V006 ... decided against it
  • (Definite) Follow response 1.1 about renaming, although perhaps ModelType to ExperimentType and ModelConfiguration to ComponentType would be better.
    • Chose to use ModelCategory and ModelComponent
  • (Maybe) Do we want sequences or any in most of the complex groups? (Does order matter?) Make life easy for editors.
    • Postponed to V007
  • (Definite) Ensemble statistics attribute needs to be more clearly explained
  • (Probable) Give guidance to avoid References that are html pages, rather than what we hope are persistent documents (i.e. "published") (in the reference elements).
  • (Probable) Allow multiple ensemble types not just grand ensemble (Response 2.6).
    • Note that Because attributes are simply names with associated values, also known as name-value pairs, an element can contain only attributes that have different names. An element value, on the other hand, can contain multiple elements with the same name. This distinction is very important when you're designing XML documents, especially when they might have to change in the future. we will need to promote ensemble type from an attribute to an element if we do this.
    • Will be done in V006 by moving all ensemble information into optional !ensembleDetails element.