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NOCS Use Case

Large chunks blatantly plagiarised from PML – they have many of the same issues, seemed silly to start again!

NOCS are not currently a data provider (in any serious fashion) so we have a slightly different starting point to other NDG DPs. BUT - we do provide data to a number of user groups – we need to do this properly!

What NOCS wants from NDG - As a data provider

  • Provide a data discovery system for NOCS data that is “community supported”
  • Provide external access – especially visualisation - to NOCS data using “community” tools
  • Provide framework for development of (meta)data systems for NOCS that are compatible with NERC data centres
  • Gain access to support in developing tools for (semi-)automating metadata creation & benefit from NDG tools for expected future developments (conversion to ISO standard etc)
  • Provide an incentive for NOCS scientists to submit metadata & data to data management systems
  • Take advantage of NDG developments such as term servers to simplify generation of metadata
  • Possibility to use NDG as an “internal” tool for data discovery / transfer – to BODC!

What NOCS wants from NDG – as a data user

  • Ability to access NOCS data using NDG extraction and visualisation tools
  • Single point access to data at all NERC data centres (esp BODC, BADC, NEODC) using NOCS credentials

Data provider procedure - NOCS perspective

  • Assume we are generating MOLES & DIFs – used to populate local database (RODIN) - at the same time as CSML to minimise number of passes over datasets.
  • Decide on granularity of DataGranule? objects, ie how many CSML per MOLES record?
  • Write/adapt software & templates for automating generation of MOLES & DIFs directly from self-describing data
  • Ensure all related metadata are represented, e.g. sensors, units, vocabulary keywords, activities, etc.
  • Populate DB with DIF / MOLES records for NOCS datasets.
  • Harvest DIF records, test DIF/MOLES accuracy and iterate.
  • Develop system at NOCS to allow real time access to data held on archive server.

Describe dataset data

  • Write CSML scanner/templates for new datasets.
  • Write/adapt software for automating generation of CSML directly from self-describing data
  • For future datasets - consider original data formats, ideally can be converted to suitable format on-the-fly, e.g. netCDF. – will require development of software – outside scope of NDG2
  • Test CSML accuracy using NDG portal data browser.

Security and logging

  • Update NDG security software.
  • Update role mappings with other NDG DP's.
  • Update assignment NOCS users into external NDG roles.
  • Assign datasets to appropriate access role, e.g. any NDG user.
  • Interface NDG security with NOCS metadata browser and authentication system.
  • Ensure NDG access to NOCS data is logged: e.g. name, date, data granule id or filename.
  • Would be useful to see logs of what NOCS login users have accessed
  • Install NDG data delivery services and DX
  • Test access to NOCS data.


  • Install local GeoSPLAT?
  • Test delivery of HDF files from NOCS data.
  • Test visualisation of NOCS data in GeoSPLAT.

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