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    1212Since CSML currently lacks the constructs for describing the context for the CSML features, the actual mechanisms used to convert data from CSML to KML do use limited amount of CSML as a data source. The rest comes from different languages derived from GML. Hence this project became rather a demonstration of how OGC web services can be integrated into a common framework, which has a potential of working using purely CSML data, once CSML matures enough to contain all information in it. 
    14 The functionality is split into two eggs: 
    15  - {{{csml2kml}}} - provides static functionality, with the output being KML stored in files (*.kml, *.kmz), 
    16  - {{{csml2kmlpylon}}} - is a web server (to be run by the BADC) providing web services which brings dynamic content to the viewing experience in Google Earth via HTTP. 
     14The functionality is split in two: 
     15 - {{{csml2kml}}} (an egg) - acts as an API, but accompanied by command-line runnable scripts. Provides static CSML-to-KML conversion functionality, with the output being KML documents stored in files (*.kml, *.kmz) or directory hierarchies of files connected via KML NetworkLink's. 
     16 - {{{csml2kmlpylon}}} (a Pylon application) - is a web server (to be run by the BADC) serving a {{{csmlGrapher}}} web service that renders dynamic HTTP content on top of static data in KML files being viewed in Google Earth. 
    18 === Installation === 
     18=== Installation on a target machine === 
    20 ''Both'' eggs require the {{{pylab}}} and {{{cElementTree}}} modules. 
     20Both {{{csml2kml}}} and {{{csml2kmlpylon}}} require the {{{pylab}}} and {{{cElementTree}}} modules, and {{{csml}}}. 
    22 The installation procedure is: 
    23   1. Use the standard {{{easy_install}}} command to install the eggs. {{{csml2kml}}} and {{{csml2kmlpylon}}} do not have to be installed on the same machine.  
    24   2. Before starting the {{{csml2kmlpylon}}} server, edit the config file (see {{{csml2kmlpylon}}} section concerning the config file). 
     22==== Installation of {{{csml2kml}}} ==== 
     24Use the standard {{{easy_install}}} command to install latest version of the egg on the target machine. 
     26==== Installation of {{{csml2kmlpylon}}} ==== 
     28  1. Check out the Pylon application from the repository, at Subversion URL: 
     32  2. Edit the config file, {{{csml2kmlpylon/config/csml2kmlpylon.conf.xml}}} (relative to working copy root) 
     33  3. Run the service by executing: 
     35paster serve deploy.ini --deamon 
     37     Alternatively, if you want to do development on the Pylon (with Pylon debug mode turned on), run the command: 
     39paster serve deploy.ini --deamon 
    2642=== Usage of the {{{csml2kml}}} scripts === 
    144160   - {{{IsCSMLLinkVisible}}} (use values {{{yes}}} or {{{no}}}) specifies whether to show the feature query URLs as links in the station feature listing.  
    146 == Development notes == 
     162== Source code notes == 
    148 It is recommended that for future/ongoing development purposes, a "development egg" is created, by running: 
    149 {{{ 
    150 python develop --install-dir <install_dir_name> 
    151 }}} 
    152 using the {{{}}} files in the root directories of the {{{csml2kml}}} and {{{csml2kmlpylon}}} packages. The egg-links will get created in {{{<install_dir_name>}}} directory; the {{{$PYTHONPATH}}} environment variable will have to contain this directory. 
     164This section describes how source code is organised.  
     165The two  
    154167=== Development notes for {{{csml2kml}}}  ===