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    66 - CedaDevEnvironment being created on {{{bond}}}. 
    8 = Conversion from CSML to KML ({{{csml2kml}}}) = 
     8= Conversion from CSML to KML = 
    10 SVN repository currently contains 2 directories which are supposed to serve as root directories of future Python eggs, usable for easy re-distribution across BADC machines. 
    11 These are:  
    12  - Located at {{{kml/csml2kml/python/csml2kml}}} - contains convertors from CSML to KML (although CSML is required to be accompanied by context/configuration files or additional GML documents providing context for the conversion)  
    13  - Located at {{{kml/csml2kml/python/pylonsstack}}} - contains code for generating dynamic web content, implemented using the Pylons web framework. This has to be used whenever some code has to be run at view time (from user.s perspective). This is because Google Earth does not allow running of any code on the client side and therefore this must be provided via dynamic web content, served on BADC side 
    14 In addition to these, there are two directories: 
    15  - {{{kml/csml2kml/testdata}}} contains all testing data (inputs) 
    16  - {{{kml/csml2kml/outputs}}} contains all outputs from tests 
     10Since CSML currently lacks certain aspects of describing the context data it contains in the features (i.e. the metadata layer), the actual mechanisms used to convert data from CSML to KML do use only limited amount of CSML as a data source. The rest comes from different languages derived from GML. Hence this project became rather a demonstration of how OGC web services can be integrated into a common framework, which has a potential of working using purely CSML data, once CSML matures enough to contain all information in it. 
    18 Currently only CSML documents containing solely csml:GridSeriesFeature and csml:PointSeriesFeature elements are supported. 
     12Currently only CSML documents containing solely <csml:GridSeriesFeature> and <csml:PointSeriesFeature> elements are supported. 
     14The functionality is split into two eggs: 
     15 - {{{csml2kml}}} - provides static functionality, with the output being KML stored in files (*.kml, *.kmz), 
     16 - {{{csml2kmlpylon}}} - is a web server (to be run by the BADC) providing web services which bring dynamic content to the viewing experience in Google Earth via HTTP. 
    2019== The module {{{}}} ==