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DPPP Task List

KML, GoogleEarth, CSML:

  1. Compare IPCC KML example developed by Dom with the KML produced by ESSC via the DPPP portal. See for the portal mockup. Search for "DPPP ESSC" and select "Google-Earth" for the OSTIA dataset.
  2. Create a library on top of the CSML-API that returns KML stubs for a GridSeries feature referencing WMS to produce KML image overlays.

WMS Client

  1. Take the IPCC-DDC WMS client codebase and remove the reliance on client-side GetCapabilities? retrieval so that it can work cross-site.
  2. Change the server delivering the client code from paste to pylons.
  3. Add support for adding WMS overlays.

WMS Server, Pylons