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7th February 2007

  1. Working Grid
    1. Information Status
      1. Where is everyone in their metadata production?
    2. Status and Plans for MOLES
      1. Now that glue has discovery  up, we find that the mini-MOLES conversion have a lot of problems. For examples:
        1. Location keywords become paleo whatsits. (see any NEODC record before and after)
        2. Parameters do not survive the conversion. (see any record).
        3. Actions required: everyone to look at docs and advise Kev on specific problems (this week). Kev to refactor xqueries to support easier adjustment (this week). Kev to fix as many as possible by next week.
    3. Status and plans for discovery
      1. Need to get service binding sorted, ensure MOLES can support it, and ensure that the transformations keep it, then, and only then, will work on browse.
      2. Actions: Bryan to provide service binding final decision (this week).
      3. Status of FastCGI at data providers?
  2. Documentation:
    1. Status of the two-pager. Bryan has provided a revised version to Helen. What next?