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    1 === 7th February 2007 === 
     1== 7th February 2007 == 
    22 1. Working Grid 
    33   1. Information Status 
    1414 1. Documentation: 
    1515   1. Status of the two-pager. Bryan has provided a revised version to Helen. What next? 
     17==== Meeting Outcomes ==== 
     18 1. Bryan to finalise Service Binding (this week) 
     19 1. Bryan to produce a table of metadata and system status for updating by all parties (this week) 
     20 1. Bryan to investigate wsgi and mod_python to avoid fastcgi problems at soc (and probably elsewhere). Other options include proxying to lightpd or something else. (this week) 
     21 1. Kevin to complete refactoring of xqueries into exist libraries (this week) 
     22 1. All to provide examples of problems with lossy conversions into or out of MOLES (we expect lossy conversion out of MOLES where MOLES has more than the output format, but where the MOLES content '''ought''' to end up in the output, we need to tell Kev about it). All problems to be raised as specific tickets. (this week and ongoing) 
     23 1. Sue to get MDIP examples into the discovery exist (this week) 
     24 1. Kev to fix as many of the ticketed problems as possible next week, prioritising any MDIP ones (by next meeting) 
     25 1. Helen to ring Bryan re QUEST and the two-pager (asap). 
     26 1. Sue and Bryan to further investigate memory problems in the discovery ingestion.