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NDG "Room 101" Meeting

Meeting to remind ourselves of what we have, why, & what we have learned along the way.

Intro from Matt

  • Good opportunity to see where we are & look at improving the way we do things.
  • Room 101 ...ok, not quite. We're not going to vote for our least favourite components & see them disappear. In reality, design & development decisions have already been made, often for good reason (but it's worth reminding ourselves what those were & seeing if we're happy with the decision-making process ...not just on this project).
  • NDG took some excursions down some blind alleys. Did we learn things along the way? Are there lessons to be learned from how we got down these blind alleys (without dwelling on what was down there?)

Review of current components

  • COWS
  • CSML
  • Discovery (v2)
  • Security
  • Vocabserver

Suggested points for discussion for each component:

  • Quick overview
    • Reminder of what it does, where it fits in