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    187187=== MOLES === 
    188188==== Overview ==== 
     189...What do we mean by MOLES? Do we mean just the schema, or everything including Browse, Discovery. Difference in perception even amongst ourselves so perhaps not clear enough about this. 
     190XML Schema : heavily flawed schema representing some quite good ideas, with a relational database schema that is flawed^2^ !! 
     191==== Weakenesses ==== 
     192Main problem is difficultly / inability to change. Even if the (complex enough) XML schema is changed, the relational DB schema (and subsequent changes to the editor interface) take too long to implement. 
     193New schema should be much more lightweight. XML database to be used instead of RDB which should help make evolution easier now. 
     195In designing MOLES, we should have concentrated on the aspects of the metadata model (and hence schema) that were unique to environmental science, rather than those that were already familiar (to the developer). There are lots of instances where existing models for generic things (like people, organisations etc) could have been imported into the model rather than re-engineered. 
     197To be fair to Kevin (developer), he kept asking for feedback on the design of MOLES as it was progressing but got hardly any. We '''now''' know what we can with a metadata model, so presumably would be better placed to provide constructive criticism. 
     199==== Lessons ==== 
     200(NDG team) No point producing schema unless accompanied by lightweight tool to help users populate example instance documents. 
     202(Data centres) Need to define tools early on that satisfy the requirements of the data centre in terms of populating metadata records.