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    147147 * Not completely integrated with CSML 
    149150==== Lessons ==== 
    150151 * Code development 
    157158     * Time constraints can be an obstacle to proper testing. Unit tests are fairly easy to do; system tests more tricky and require more discipline. 
    158159     * Misdirected thinking to say that unit tests "take up" time (often happens early on when developers want to "get in the thick of things" straight away & see/demonstrate some result). 
     160   * Almost everything is not quite finished ''(Bryan's whiteboard sketch)'' 
     161     * In order to move forward, we must actually finish & implement across '''all''' our grid series data in the Data Centres. 
     162   * There always seemed to be 1 thing in the jigsaw that was in such a state of flux as to prevent the whole from working at any time. 
     163   * We have to think about deploying earlier, accepting that some bugs need to be left, to be fixed in a later version. 
     165=== CSML === 
     166==== Overview ==== 
     167GML application schema to describe content of files (concerned with data structure). XML schema, followed modelling frameworks. High-level API for making subsetting requests. 
     169==== Strengths / Successes ==== 
     170 * Beyond NDG, interest in CSML from ocean community groups e.g. ECOOP, MarineXML. 
     172==== Weaknesses ==== 
     173 * Hasn't really been implemented ''(deployed?)'' yet. Working in prototype but no effort on part of data scientists. All the bits are there but...  
     175(Stephen) Not convinced that Feature Type approach is the way forward. See GML : simple features. How is this ever going to join up with Feature Types? This is what INSPIRE is mandating... 
     177(Bryan) Problem with CSML historically : nothing changes except through Andrew Woolf 
     179CSML was designed to have different I/O layers & be lossy. It would never be as good as reading netCDF directly, '''but''' could read netCDF & PNG files at the same time. 
     181HDF Example : It would be great to plot Grape + ERA40 data on same plot : that would be something really new ''i.e. an easy win for demonstrating CSML's capability''. 
     183(Bryan) We have the middleware layer, but now need to get the benefit of it. We should make a big effort to get ~50 datasets working with CSML (albeit if all 150 is impossible for now). 
     185Granulite concept should help in trying to deploy some benefits (e.g. getting parameters into MOLES records), rather than all aspects (e.g. visualisation). 
     187=== MOLES === 
     188==== Overview ====