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13th December 2007

  1. NERC Data Discovery Service status
  2. NERC Portals project status
  3. What is status at DPs for Pylons Browse/Security?/WMS/WCS installs?
    • BADC/NEODC - currently using glue until NERC DDS done. Then will install on CEDA production environments.
    • PML - browse and security up to date working (need to create 'real' test users), csml granule issues being worked on
    • BODC - #886?
    • NOCS - ?
  4. Security - integration of MyProxy with DPs user databases for Deployment
    • up until now login has been based on credentials held in MyProxy instead of username/password in DPs user database
    • MyProxy can be configured to make a call out to a user database and query the relevant tables for username/password. For this, each site would manage its own CA
    • this is tested at BADC
    • co-ordinate roll out at other DPs ...
  5. Content
    • MOLES?
    • DIFs?
    • CSML?