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NDG Closedown Meeting (draft) 14th November 2007

  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm Lunch & Technical conversations
    • CSML use of standard parameter names/vocab server
    • Semantic search use of vocab server
  • NDG History  (NDG1/2) 2:00pm Sue
  • NDG2 'The plan' 2:05pm Sue
  • NDG2  Objectives - have these been met? 2:10pm Sue/All?
  • Beyond NDG2
    • Moving discovery to Production service (NERC Data Discovery Service) 2:30pm Sue/Matt?
    • Vocab Server Production Service 2:45pm Roy/Geoff?
    • The NERC Portals Project 3:00pm Stephen/Bryan?
      • What we're doing
      • Role of GeoServer
      • ISO, O&M, etc
    • Maintaining and enhancing NDG2 infrastructure 3:20pm Sue/Bryan/Phil?
      • Browse
      • Security
    • Maintaining and enhancing NDG2 software 3:45pm All
      • Pylons Stack
        • WMS, WCS, Visualisation
        • WFS
      • Security Stack
      • Data Input Filters
      • Information Schema
        • The future of MOLES
          • Short term schema evolution, long term concepts
        • The future of CSML
          • Short term code evolution, long term concepts
    • Setting up "the club" 4:15pm Bryan
    • Future Projects 4:20pm Bryan
  • Winding Down NDG2 4:30pm Sue
    • Transitioning outstanding actions into future activities. (How do we tidy up our outstanding action items?)
    • What to do with trac, mailing list, subversion
    • Finances
    • Lessons Learnt
    • Reporting. Papers. Royal Society Meeting