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How to Install the NDG Browse Code

[This page is NOT FINISHED ... and is not a real guide to do anything YET]

This version of the page discusses what I did to install NDG browse on superglue, based on the glue distribution (which is older than that in SVN, but considered "stable").

  1. Tarred up the glue distribution (should have used an svn distribution, but there were useful stable mods post alpha but before the current version)
    1. In /var/www/cgi-bin. I used tar czvf ~lawrence/browse.tgz browse*
    2. In /var/www/html. I used tar czvf ~lawrence/layout.tgz layout*
  2. Unpack files
    1. c.d into the appropriate cgi-bin directory. I think this should be /var/www/cgi-bin
      1. Unpack ... tar xzvf yourbrowsetarfile
    2. c.d into the appropriate layout directory /var/www/html/
      1. Unpack ... tar xzvf yourlayouttarfile
  3. Edit the browse config file in /var/www/cgi-bin so that
    1. the localAA and localSM point to an installation of NDG security running on this system.
    2. the exist database is the superglue one ...
    3. Wonder, like I did, about the libraryLOC, but don't do anything.

At this point I visited  http://host/cgi-bin/ and it crashed with a security releated problem.

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