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Simple High Level Specification for the Vocab Server Governance

Reason: to allow folk not at the BODC to control lists. Status: Version 0.1. For discussion.


  • Service to allow the upload of a new version of a list
    • leave it to Roy to define what this does to list members
  • Service to allow the upload of a new list item (or list item definition)
    • expect this to result in a new version of the item
  • Web client to these services
  • Deployed web client at BODC
    • note express desire for other groups to be able to use their own clients to the backend service.


  • Server:  REST, that is,
    • we should now allow a PUT on list or list/item provided access control is respected to do an UPDATE
      • successful response: 201
      • Do not allow a PUT on a list or item version - return an error 405
    • We should allow a POST to list/item to CREATE a new item.
    • We should allow a DELETE on a list/item (what do we expect that to do)?
    • (We still support a GET)
  • Server, should respect local login at V0.1, that is using HTTP basic authentication. Expect to support NDG security in a later version.
  • Client, initially a simple web form for items, with an upload button for lists. User logged in should be presented with a list of lists which they are allowed to manipulate. (Need to allow user login).
  • Initially expect the creation of new lists to occur out of band, i.e. by negotiation with vocabulary server manager.

NDG3: Capability, Discovery, Vocab, Software, MOLES, Security, Community, Roadmap. See also:  CSML.