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NCEO Portals and Data Handling

NCEO needs to deliver NDG class systems for deploying visualisation.


November 18, 2008

(Held at RAL, attendees: Stephen Pascoe, Victoria Jay, Bryan Lawrence, Jon Blower)


  1. Victoria to identify (if any) synoptic style datasets held in NEODC which would be suitable for WMS style visualisation with the current generation of WMS servers (i.e. ones that don't support swath data).
    • If we can't find one, we could consider converting some GRAPE level 3 data to NetCDF, or use another BADC product.
    • We should also look at the assimilation products from Martin's work, make sure they are proper datasets, and maybe use one of those.
    • The NDVI (asci) dataset has been converted to NetCDF at ESSC, we could use a copy of that, provided it was ingested appropriately into the archive.
  2. Jon will do likewise (identify suitable datasets for our WMS clients to use for testing).
  3. Victoria (via Phil) will ensure that CEDA sets up a DAP server (using PyDAP) pointing to one of the identified datasets, and open it up to ESSC via IP limitation for testing.
    • In the longer run, and noting that the NDG3 activity should address securing the server, Phil and Jon will need to look at issues for securing the ESSC client. Victoria to orchestrate.
  4. Jon will look at configuring the ESSC WMS to export "D" (DIF or ISO) potentially via atom, with one document per dataset (url endpoint) served.
  5. Bryan (via Metafor) will investigate harvesting D via atom.
  6. Noting that both ESSC and CEDA have interests in swath data, that it is crucial to NCEO, and that both GENESI and CSML projects are working on this, we agree to keep communicating about progress. Specifically:
    • Bryan and Stephen will join the CSML lists, and
    • Jon will forward to ndg-technical any messages which are not on csml but which may have relevance.
  7. Stephen and Jon will liase on plans for a profiles of WMS which makes clear how to use it for 4-d gridded data.
  8. Stephen and Jon will investigate how common palettes and colour scales can be used via use of styled-layer-descriptors.
  9. Bryan to ensure that
    • Jon has trac access
    • Keith is on ndg-community
    • Adit on ndg-technical

Next meeting:

  • Jon will be at RAL on 17 December to work on this and other NDG/NCEO projects.
  • Victoria will organise a meeting in February to assess progress against these activities so that we can report in both the NDG and NCEO SLA reports.

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