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    9898      * BNL: So I think the height of the data parameter is something that belongs in CSML ... and so this should be out, and replaced (for BODC) with something that covers the BODC use case (but exactly what use case supports hiding a parameter from discovery? 
     100''Roy:'' ''Seems to be a misunderstanding here.  I was using IsOutput to hide co-ordinate channels (date/time, depth, CTD pressure) as I thought that was how MOLES was to be used.  Kicking them out altogether is just as good for me.'' 
    100102 * The next thing is a choice of four items, only one of which should appear for any parameter. Either the value, or the range of values, or an enumeration list of the  value types, or a compound group should appear. ''Yes/No? If so, ticket needed: It needs to be a choice as to whether this thing exists and it needs a name.'' ''Also another ticket: Roy to give us a few practical examples of how the parameter group is intended to work '' 
    101103   * ''Siva: Yes,at BODC we are using the following Strategy.Go for dgRangeDataParameter and check if HighValue=LowValue, in which case we use dgValueDataParameter.The way we get the HighValue and LowValue is,  by opening each Series data file (QXF file) and the min and max value for the required data channel is obtained.Once the limits for each Series have been obtained, the extremes may be determined to give the limits for the dataset.We cannot envisage using dgEnumerationParameter.''