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  • Moles Atom Format

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     1= Moles Atom Format =  
     3== atom1.0.xsd == 
     5The Atom Syndication Format is described fully here:  
     8The schema, which is available in the ndgUtils egg - in ndgUtils/xquery/atom1.0.xsd - is based on the schema from:  NB, there is no officially released xsd schema - the ASF provides a Relax-NG schema, to provide a normative description of the atom syntax; this is, however, not expressive enough to capture some of the other validity requirements for atom feeds or entries.  The above xsd has been generated using tools to convert the relax schema to xsd and seems to work well. 
     10For the purposes of storing moles information, the schema has been extended using two further schemae: 
     12== moles2.0.xsd == 
     14This schema lifts elements from the previous moles2alpha format, to add data which doesn't naturally fit within the atom data structure.  Specifically, it allows for the addition of the following data: 
     16* temporal range 
     17 * responsible parties - with 
     18  * name 
     19  * role 
     20  * uri 
     21 * created date 
     22 * metadata language 
     23 * dataset language 
     24 * abbreviation 
     25 * providerID 
     27- NB, some of this data could, with the introduction of new vocab terms, be moved to the atom links elements. 
     29== molesAtom1.0.xsd == 
     31This scheme redefines the atom1.0.xsd schema, adding the moles2.0.xsd info as an 'entity' element and also adding a georss element to allow the specification of spatial data. 
     33== Schema access == 
     35The schemae are included in the ndgUtils egg and can be retrieved using the ndgXqueries module, via, e.g.: 
     41Also, if the existDBClient class (from ndgUtils.models.existdbclient module) is instantiated with the keyword, 'setUpDB=True', the schema will be added to the related eXist DB in the '/db/atoms' collection.