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Metadata Meeting notes: 18th September 2006

Present: Sue, Helen, Roy, Siva, Michael, Kevin.



  • Sue upgraded java, tomcat, exist and Dlese jOAI software on glue. Restored exist db content. NOTE:discovery is now deliberately broken on glue. #481, #484
  • Web Service - Matt Pritchard has investigated current (marta's), and re-designed to be as independent as poss of which XML db used - using XML:DB inteface standard. Currently writing the code.
  • Sue liaised with Dlese who have responded rapidly to requests for changes.
  • Sue liaised with WDCC Max Planck, but still having probelms harvesting from them. #317

MOLES Browse

  • Bryan is trying to get working on superglue for AHM, but there are many problems integrating.
  • Bryan liaising with Sue and Matt on linking into new Discovery WS and exist db.


  • #190 Xquery being produced for MOLES-to-ISO19115/139 vanilla. Won't wait for profiles.
  • MOLES 1.2.5 done
  • MOLES 1.3 on way, dev version on Subversion.


  • Roy spoke to GCMD at IOC and got a result. By end-of-October BODC will serve GCMD valids (with keys and versioning). See #147.
  • Vocab server documentation is at BODC site.
  • Vocab server being tested by Luis Bermuda, and already in use by BAS.
  • CF mapping/serving - Roy ticketed requirement to speak with Alison Pamment.


  • #499 CF cell-methods - Kev will liaise with Dominic on intention for MOLES.

Date for next meeting

Week commencing 30th Oct or following week.


  • Sue - arrange exact date and RAL AG for next meeting.
  • Matt - prepare short specification of Discovery WS methods, pass to ndg list.
  • Sue - advertise vocab server to BADC ( example client at )
  • All - look at their tasks at or before SystemIntegrationOctober
  • Roy - new vocab requirements ticket.
  • All - add new vocab requirements to above ticket.