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Metadata Meeting notes: 13 June 2006

Present: Sue, Fabio, Helen, Roy, Siva, Michael, Mike, Bryan, Kevin, Phil.



  • Ingest automation - not much progress due to having to investigate hacking and re-install eXist.
  • Web service - see issues below.


  • 1.2.4 complete
  • ticket #29 BADC rdb coverages tables now top priority
  • tickets required for dgDataGranule work (as agreed at MOLES vs CSML meeting)
  • Browse demonstrated. Further work ongoing for Alpha.


  • Vocab WS running on Livglue. Will be on Livgrid1 by 23rd June.
  • Needs API extending.
  • Needs term versioning.
  • SeaDataNet? advised to look at CF for a standard.


  • Discovery Web Service broken, needs major overhaul.(Discovery currently not using the real WS).
  • Browse service binding needs decision soonest.

Date for next meeting

Week commencing 31st July.


  • Sue - look at RAL AG availability and arrange exact date.
  • Sue - Tickets #136 #284 to be moved to post-alpha review
  • Sue - Tickets #139 #189 #251 to be moved to appropriate milestone after Alpha
  • Sue/Kev? - check there are Tickets for dgDataGranule changes.
  • Bryan - Marta's web service broken, Bryan to ticket #308