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Metadata Meeting notes: 12th December 2006

Present: Sue, Helen, Roy, Siva, Michael, Kevin, Mike.



  • Matt's been working on the WSDL
  • Kev's working on the 'DIF-to-discovery-MOLES'
  • Sue's working on the ingest
  • Bryan's working on NDG front-end.
  • Edina are doing the MDIP front-end
  • How BODC presents their mix of discovery records (mixed MDIP, BODC, formats) to OAI an issue #612. An outcome of this is that we should leave it up to DPs to decide what groups they associate their records with. Therefore group/scope will be added by DPs and passed through the system as a dgStructuredKeyword from the controlled vocab.

MOLES Browse

  • Bryan's availability is (still)an issue
  • Needs installing at some other DP


  • Namespace problems fixed in eXist 2006-10-25 or later
  • MOLES bulk generator changed for namespaces
  • MOLES 1.3 in svn (doesn't include xlink stuff)
  • MOLES documentation may be progressed by end-of-week
  • #499 CF cell-methods needs a decision.


  • Roy thinking about mappings method. Prob export into OWL and use Vine tool.
  • #540 Looking at funding for Michael replacement.

Date for next meeting

Early Dec.


  • Sue - arrange next meeting date
  • Kev - MOLES documentation
  • All - think about which scope/group keyword they might use(or not)
  • Bryan - install Browse at another DP
  • #499 CF cell-methods needs a decision.